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Dymow and B.

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Dransmann l September: sensational divorce of Dr. It is certainly terrible and perhaps synonymous with giving up the fulfillment of my life. I'm desperate, almost broken March after about 18 months Swarowsky conducts again orchestral works by Strauss and Rosenkavalier at Gran Liceu in Barcelona;. It has always been frightening when departing troops came to a concert in closed groups August Swarowsky becomes Principal Conductor of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra: his goal is to turn the "Municipal Rent-Orchestra" into the leading concert orchestra in Vienna, one with an independent profile and at the level of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, whose domain was the opera: ' I can not help but think and plan to work with my whole mental capacity towards development.

Anday, J. Patzak ; Despite greatest successes with audiences, the press and professionals for the development of the orchestra, the contract with the Vienna Symphony Orchestra was surprisingly not extended — responsible were internal organizational problems of the orchestra, its financing, the return of conductors hitherto banned from conducting for whom dates were needed, and last but not least common Viennese intrigues. Swarowsky's high artistic demands on the orchestra also met with resistance from its works council; in May, Swarowsky writes: " I'm a beaten man At the same time, however, all existing aversions against Krauss in Vienna were also transferred to Swarowsky.

February For the first time Mahler's Symphony No. Welitsch, H. Witt, O. All hopeful possibilities, which have arisen since , seem to be shattered, even euphoric reactions from all sides do nothing against the return of the "old guard" and the return of former partisans of the NSDAP in important positions. Added to this are opposition to his musical views by orchestra and audiences: loss of the chief position of Vienna Symphony Orchestra, the Salzburg and Bregenz Festival, no engagement at the Vienna State Opera, early end of the directorship in Graz; Swarowsky remains professor at the Vienna Music Academy and conducts a few concerts with the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, many of them school concerts, which he presumably set up, but which do not bring much financially; all this plunges Swarowsky into a veritable existential crisis with depressive moods, financial and health problems; Swarowsky is not an isolated case in a generation of victims of the Nazi regime injured substancially twice: during the Nazi era by the regime and then no less by its aftermath.

Deutsch and H. Mertin, A. Heiller, A. Uhl, L. Wlach Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra , F. Eibner, G. Leonhardt, J. The producer is Carl Szokoll, an Austrian major of the German Wehrmacht, who successfully organized the July coup against Hitler in Vienna in and was the only one of the masterminds remaining undiscovered; he saved Vienna from planned destruction in by boycotting the plans of the Wehrmacht and making contact with Soviet Generals; November 4: second major concert series with the Scottish National Orchestra; Swarowsky realises a recording project with an American label.

Konzerthaus but in the Mozartsaal - apparently only a small audience was expected!

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Abbado and Z. Angerer , M. Caridis , R. Bibl , H. Goertz , D. Dixon , G. Leonhardt , H. Deutsch , A. Vandernoot , A. Logothetis , K.

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Floros , M. Klobucar , R. Brock , P. Schneider , F. Pleyer , Th. Guschlbauer , R. Hoszfeld , E. The following abbreviations are used in the works consulted: C.

What happened to German music?

Friedrich Blume. Cassel: Barenreiter, Stanley Sadie. London: Macmillan, Stanley Sadie and John Tyrrell. References in this catalogue are to the edition, unless otherwise specified. SAc Theodore and Denise Strawinsky. Au coeur du Foyer. Catherine et Igor Strawinsky Bourg-la-Reine, France: ZurfluH, Robert Craft, trans. Lucia Davidova. SChron Igor Stravinsky.

Mozart (the forbidden lecture) (The Forbidden Lectures)

Chroniques de ma vie. Paris: Denoel and Steele, Conversations with Igor Stravinsky. London: Boosey and Hawkes, London: Faber and Faber, Dialogues and a Diary.

Garden City, NY: Doubleday, Expositions and Developments. Garden City, NY: Doubleday, ; repr. Igor and Vera Stravinsky, a photograph album to Memories and Commentaries. Stravinsky in pictures and documents. Stravinsky: Perepiska s russkimi korrespondentami. Materiali k biographi. Viktor Varunts. Moscow: Kompozitor, SSC Igor Stravinsky.

Selected Correspondence, ed. Robert Craft. Knopf, SScrbk Robert Craft. A Stravinsky Scrapbook Themes and Conclusions. London: Faber, ; repr. Themes and Episodes.

Strawinsky in Baden-Baden 1954 - Proben, Konzert; 1+2: Jeu de cartes

Colin Slim Stravinsky Collection Autograph letter on both sides of a thick card with rounded edges, Je m'empresse settlement de Vous indiquer une petite erreur de fait: c'est que les paroles de Rimsky ont ete prononcees d'une autre oeuvre moderniste le nom de l'auteur m'echape Quant a mon "Oiseau de Feu"- il [crossed out in ink] ete a ete compose 2 ans apres la mort de Rimsky.

II va sans dire que je serai heureux de vous avoir a la premiere de "Petrouchka". Je viendrai a Paris au comencement de juin. Quelle joie de [reverse side] se retrouver de nouveau entre des amis. Mes respectieux hommages a Madame Calvocoressi ainsi que ceux de ma femme. I only hasten to tell you about a small factual error: Rimsky's comments were made about a different modernist work the name of the composer escapes me [. It goes without saying that I shall be happy to have you at the premiere of Petrushka.


I'm coming to Paris at the beginning of June. What joy to find oneself again among friends. My respectful compliments to Mrs. Calvocoressi, as well as those of my wife.

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For you, dear friend, my sincere regards[. The letter is accompanied by a "Certificat pour un bien culturel," dated Paris 17 April , from the Ministere charge de la culture. Provenance: Probably from the archive of Calvocoressi, later belonging to Gerald Abraham Commentary The letter is unpublished, its envelope missing.

The unnamed addressee can readily be deduced from Stravinsky's mention of Madame Calvocoressi, the critic's mother; he married in Written four days before Stravinsky completed Petrushka at Rome, Entry 1 may well stem from Calvocoressi's archive - administered until by his colleague in England from the s, Gerald Abraham, his collaborator in Studies in Russian Music London: H.

Reeves, Another letter from Stravinsky to Calvocoressi, the first in their selected correspondence , published by Craft, was sold at auction for DM3, in , the year of Abraham's death. Entry 1 is not the earliest extant letter to Calvocoressi: the Pierpont Morgan Library, New York, holds one acquired in that Stravinsky wrote him a month earlier, on 20 April, from Beaulieu-sur- Mer commenting favourably on his translation of the Deux melodies In it he is further pleased that Calvocoressi has been requested to write an article about him.

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  8. In context, the "charmant envoi" of Entry 1 was surely an essay about him by Calvocoressi, and Annotated Catalogue of the H. Born in Marseilles and educated in Paris, Calvocoressi had already by published a book on Russian music and the following year one on Musorgsky.